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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with an area of 2,345,410 km2, is the second largest country on the African continent after Algeria. It is located in Central Africa. It shares its borders with nine countries: in the north the Central African Republic and south Sudan; in the east Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania; Zambia and Angola to the south and the Republic of Congo to the west.

At the end of 2018, the population of the DRC was estimated at 84 million inhabitants (World Bank estimate for 2018)

The capital Kinshasa is a megalopolis of twelve million inhabitants.


Its rich ecosystem presents a variety of landscapes of exceptional beauty (savannas, deep forests, mountains, mangroves, rivers and rivers), itself shaped by the climatic diversity at work in the Congo. As well as a unique fauna with many endemic species in the country including several emblematic specimens including the okapi, the bonobo, the mountain gorilla, the lowland gorilla, the Congolese peacock and, until recently, the white rhinoceros. 


This immense country has enormous natural assets. The soil and the subsoil abound in important and varied mineral resources: copper, coltan, cobalt, silver, uranium, lead, zinc, cadmium, diamond, gold, tin, tungsten, petroleum , manganese ... And precious metals …... As well as, with a variety of agricultural resources: coffee, cocoa, wood (afromosia, ebony, wenge, iroko, sapelli, sipro, tiama, tola, kambala, lifaki and so on), rubber, ...


The DRC also presents diverse universes with an extraordinary cultural heritage carried by the few hundred ethnic groups composing its population. Nearly 450 different ethnic groups live together on the territory while maintaining their own way of life which is reflected in many specific practices such as dances, music, masks, habitat, crafts and various arts, thus forming a human heritage and a unique culture.


The official language is French alongside the four recognized national languages: Swahili in the eastern provinces; Lingala in Province Orientale, Equateur and Kinshasa; kikongo in the provinces of Congo-Central and Bandundu; and tshiluba in the two Kasai and Katanga. Hundreds of dialects are also identified in the country, which are part of its intangible heritage.


The east of the country is destabilized by armed conflicts. The fighting takes place mainly in North Kivu, a land with very important economic stakes. It has great mineral resources including gold, cassiterite and petroleum. This region is also rich in methane gas naturally present in Lake Kivu. The agricultural riches of this fertile land are also highly coveted.

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