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The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa. It shares its borders with a number of countries, including Kenya and Djibouti. A very populous country, Ethiopia also stands out for its large surface area: it is the ninth largest country in Africa.


Ethiopia is the 2nd most populated country in Africa with 108 million inhabitants in 2018, mostly young and rural. Over 60 languages are spoken, but 13 are in the majority, including Oromo and Amharic.The territory is mainly composed of high plateaus. In addition, the Danakil Desert, or the Danakil Depression, is the hottest place on the planet. The country has a very diverse environment crossed by six climatic zones.


This country is one of the richest culturally. One of the most remarkable tourist sites is in Lalibela. These rock-carved churches, dating from the 12th century, are stunning and constitute a rich heritage.


Ethiopian growth has been increasing for the past ten years by around 10% per year. GDP per capita has thus doubled, contributing to a significant reduction in poverty. The country’s goal is to join the group of middle-income countries by 2025.


Considered as one of the cradles of humanity, Ethiopia is, along with Chad, Morocco and Kenya, one of the countries where we find the oldest hominids. Lucy was discovered there in 1974 and, in 2003, the oldest specimens of Homo sapiens.

Within Africa, Ethiopia is characterized as one of the countries to have retained its sovereignty during the partition of Africa in the 19th century: therefore, its colors often symbolize Africa and were adopted by several other African states, in different configurations.


Ethiopia, now constitutionally secular, is a country where many beliefs coexist. After Armenia, it is the second oldest Christian nation in the world, Christianity having established itself there around the year 330. Today there are Eastern Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants. In addition, a third of its inhabitants are Muslims and religious minorities such as the Beta Israel Jews or Animists also live there. 

The capital Addis Ababa, “New flower” in Oromo, is the capital of Ethiopia.This city, with an area of 526.47 km2 and populated by more than three million inhabitants, has been the seat of the African Union since 1963. Addis Ababa is located in the center of the country, on a plateau at an altitude between 2,300 and 2,600 meters, which makes it the highest capital in Africa and the fifth in the world.

Inspirational art and culture ... discover culture and artists of Ethiopia.

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