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Born in 1991 in Silinkine, Village of Casamance, south of Senegal, El hadji Samba DIEDHIOU called Baba DIEDHIOU is one of the sure values ​​of photography and video in Senegal and professor in graphic design and advertising at the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar.


Promised to a great career as a professional footballer, fate decided otherwise following a serious traffic accident and in modest affliction, he discovered, learned and began to express themselves through photography !


His goal is first oriented on the round ball in photographing his friends, and other footballers, before to vary his takes and his themes. The choice of his subjects, stems from his obsession with group spirit, solidarity and performance, without forgetting beauty...


Above all, Baba gives his photos a dimension functional and socially useful; because they inform, represent, surprise, signify and provide admiration. He has participated in several exhibitions individual and collective, national and international.

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