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"African Stopover" sales exhibition

Istanbul - Turkey

October 17 2019

Back to Istanbul where Kelen organised an exhibition introducing its new selection of African artists and artworks in jewelry, fashion, paintings and sculptures.

During this event, couture artworks created by displaced women were also showcased in partnership with Yusra Community Center and supported by Istanbul Accueil.

Discover our photo report from the event.

Exhibition at the MOB Hotel

Paris - France

September 26 - October 13 2019

Kelen organised an exhibition of its main African artists at the MOB Hotel in Paris.

Visitors discovered new African artists in various fields as fashion, accessories, paintings and sculptures.

Discover our photo report from the event.


Paris - France

July 13 -14 2019

Kelen participated in the last edition of Afropunk in Paris this summer where were exhibited some of the main artists supported by Kelen.

Discover our photo report from the event.

Africa Chic Pop Up Store

Paris - France

June 27 2019

Kelen exhibited its main African artists during the Africa Chic Pop Up Store that took place at the Favela Chic Restaurant in Paris, 11th arrondissement.

Discover our photo report from the event.

Creations for purpose

Nairobi - Kenya

March 19 - 24 2019

Become a social citizen and support "Help a child Reach 5" Fund.

Come to discover the artists selected by Kelen, including  Baba Ly et Serge Mienandi.

All net profits from your purchases will be given to  "Help a child Reach 5" Fund.

African World Vision by Fama Diouf

Dakar - Senegal

March 8 - April 27 2019

Come to discover the artworks from the photographer Fama Diouf at the Akewa Concept restaurant in Dakar. 

More information on the exhibition here.

Vernissage de l'exposition "African Intergeneration Renaissance


December 7 2018

Organised during the "l'Afrique c'est chic" event, the "African Intergeneration Renaissance" exhibition has been inaugurated on December 7 2018 at the Aweka Concept Gallery in Dakar. The exhibition curators, Carole Kvasnevki and Daffa Konaté, showcase the artworks of Manel N'doye, Khéraba Traoré, Mahmoud Baba Ly and Fallu Diop.

The exhibition will take place until December 23 2018. 

Discover the pictures of the event.

Kelen Corner opening at Samsara


October 5 2018

Kelen now has its own corner at Samsara in Tarabya.

Inaugurated on October 5 2018, Daffa, founder of Kelen, et Renelle Gaudin, founder of Samsara, welcomed the first visitors to this new collaboration and step for Kelen. 

Discover the pictures from the event.

TANDEM Exhibition


June 21 - 30 2018

Video flashback to the TANDEM Exhibition organised from June 21 - 30 2018 at the Gama Gallery in Paris.

Resulting from an encounter between two women found of art and opened to the world, Sule Claire Altintas and Daffa Konate, this exhibition showcased artworks from Baba Ly, Caszi B and Beril Gulcam.

Discover the video of the event.

"Meet the Designer" with Jacquie Atandji, founder of Jacquie Creations


May 10 & 11 2018

First Kelen's "Meet the Designer" event presenting jewelry and accessories "Made in Africa". 

Attendees had the opportunity to discover Jacquie Atandji's original creations as well as to discuss with her. 

They also benefited from fashion and styling advice from Vicky Lyoo, fashion consultant, to prepare their summer and ethnic look without any fashion faux-pas. 

Browse the photos from the event.

Exhibition: ARTISTANBUL 3 women's stories


March 9-18 2018

Come to meet 3 artistic personalities:

- Noémie Deveaux, photographer

- Caroline Gaujour, illustrator-storyteller

- Daffa Konaté, art curator

Daffa will showcase the artworks of:

- Serge Mienandi

- Wilfried Ouedraogo

- Muhsana Ali

- Alexis et Babacar Ngom.

Discover the opening's photo report.


Photos: Thibeaud Sevin

Retouches: Noémie Deveaux

"Made in Africa" Jewelry exhibition


February 15 2018

Exhibition of handmade jewelry from West Africa.

Discover the event's photo report.

Exhibition at the 360


February 2018

Exhibition of the following artists' artworks:

- Baba Ly

- Serge Mienandi

Discover the opening's photo report.

Private Sales Event


December 7-8 2017

Private sales event organised by Daffa and Catherine:

- artisanal artworks,

- jewelry,

- paintings,

- accessories from West Africa and from Mexican inspiration. 

Discover the event's photo report.

Exhibition: Carlos le Cuistot

and Kelen


September 20 - November 30 2017

Kelen showcases Serge Mienandi's painting at Carlos le Cuistot.

Discover the exhibition's photo report.

Exhibition: Afro Fashion Week

September 22-25 2017
Kelen showcases Mokodu Fall's artworks.

Exhibition: Africa is calling you

September 30 2017
Kelen showcases Wilfried Ouédraogo's, Serge Mienandi's and Kara Fall's artworks.
Discover the event's photo report.

Tropical Pop up Store

June 8 2017 
In order to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the newspaper "Aujourd'hui la Turquie", Catherine and Daffa showcase an exclusive selection of jewelry, home decoration items and paintings. 

Exhibition: l'Afrique c'est Chic


May 30 2017

Kelen is a partner of the monthly meeting "L'Afrique c'est chic" , #TALK#SHOWROOM, in collaboration with Les Maisons du Voyage.

Exhibition of Jacquie Atandji's creations.


Exhibition: Impressions d'Afrique

March 9 - April 13 2017


To celebrate the month of the French speaking community, in partnership with the Lycée St Joseph in Istanbul, Kelen presents the exhibition "Impressions d'Afrique".

The following artists' artworks will be showcased: 

- Kara Fall,

- Baba Ly,

- Serge Mienandi

Discover the event's photo report.


L'Afropean Rooftop

March 31 2017
Alun B.'s photographies exhibition on the Galeries Lafayette's rooftop.

African Pulse Exhibition

March 17-24 2017

The African Pulse exhibition presented the artworks Kofi Frimpong and CasziB.


Kelen is a partner of, “the media for French people living abroad and for French speaking people“, which wanted to take the initiative of a first event to highlight "the Francophony as a business facilitator between Africa and Turkey".

Under the patronage of the Secretary State in charge of the Development and of the promotion of the French culture and during the "Week of the Francophony". 

African Pulse Exhibition


February 17 - March 15 2017

In partnership with gama gallery, this exhibition showcases artworks from contemporary artists: 

CasziB, Painter

Kofi Frimpong, Painter

Beril Gulcan, Photographer

Müşerref Sarıözkan, Stylist

Discover the exhibition's photo report.

 L'Afrique c'est Chic


January 31 2017 / February 24 2017 / March 14 2017

Kelen is partner of the monthly meeting "l'Afrique c'est chic" #TALK#SHOWROOM in collaboration with Les Maisons du Voyage.

A unique event divided into 3 strong moments: 

Entrepreneurs talk

- Exhibitors' Showroom

Showcase animations

Kelen showcases Serge Mienandi's and Tallafé's artworks.

"The African stepover" sales exhibition


December 1 2016

Discover inspirations and knowledges from Africa in Istanbul with a presentation of artists and creators. 

Discover the event's photo report.

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