6 Good reasons to buy art.

We all have a different relationship with art. For some of us, the presence of works of art at home invites reflection and delight. For others, these creations provide moments of emotion, of questioning, without forgetting that the acquisition of original paintings quite simply makes it possible to embellish our interior as well.

The act of buying a work of art therefore offers many advantages, of which here is a non-exhaustive list, for our dear art lovers.

1- The art of embellishing your interior

Paintings, illustrations, photos and sculptures were once reserved for the elites. These different forms of art are now accessible to the rest of society, to the point of becoming real decorative accessories. Indeed, buying a work of art very often amounts to achieving a primary goal, which is to decorate our interior.

And as art becomes more democratic, we find a multitude of brands and galleries with a wide price range. From now on, acquiring a painting to give character to your living room, a statuette to brighten up your fireplace or library, or even a photograph to decorate a hallway, is within the reach of a greater number of people.

A variety of established and emerging designers are participating every day in responding to this growing demand.

2- Buying art is an investment

This is a long-term investment (especially if you leave it to your family), and if you purchase the work of an emerging artist, you may see a significant increase in the value of the work at a later date. As such, there are many collectors whose intention when purchasing a work is to build a collection that will increase in value as the artist gains notoriety and recognition.

3- Art gives you pleasure

Some art lovers feel an emotion in front of a work. The aesthetics of objects, discovery, beauty or design simply delight them. Living surrounded by works and objects of art soothes and improves their daily lives.

4- The acquisition of a work of art is never trivial

There is always a story attached to a work. We usually remember the circumstances, questions and/or doubts about the purchase, the emotion felt especially when it comes to a crush. These sensations are an integral part of our works.