8 things to know about the ghanaian artist Prince Gyasi.

1- Prince Gyasi (Nyantakyi) is a young Ghanaian visual artist who lives and works in Accra, Ghana. Through these powerful and ultra colorful photos, he depicts the daily reality of his country. "Through my art, I want to tell the stories of my country, Ghana"

He wants to show Africa differently. Of course, he presents the hardships of life for many people, especially fishermen, but it is their resilience and strength that he wishes to highlight.

2- Very early on Prince began to photograph his friends with what he has, a simple smartphone, the perfect tool for walking the streets of Accra.

3- He evolves in documentary photography, staging and minimalist composition. These compositions are incredibly well worked: he works a whole chromatic palette in monochrome keys and areas.

4- He is part of this wave of millennial artists (Aldi Diasse, Girme Berta) who have made themselves known on social networks, especially Instagram. Prince has a strong aesthetic with a use of strong, vibrant colors.

Series Le travail est un art

5- Each super colorful photo reveals fundamental human emotions linked to a person's life, such as fatherhood, motherhood or childhood. Using his iPhone, Prince captures both resilience and strength through striking silhouettes set against brightly colored landscapes and vivid backgrounds. In the photo "Fatherhood", red symbolizes the sacrifice made by the father figure, blue, the hope carried by the child.

6- Her art showcases the nobility and grace of black skin, offering viewers a counter-narrative to dominant notions of beauty.

7- Prince produced a series called Boxed Kids on disadvantaged children in the Jamestown neighborhood of Accra. This led him to launch a crowdfunding campaign of the same name, to help these children access education and enjoy a better future.


Prince is represented by the Nil Gallery.

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