Art from Africa... 5 things to know about Nilhane, a leather goods brand made in Mali...

Dernière mise à jour : 25 mars 2021

1.NILHANE is a leather goods brand, created in Bamako, Mali. The brand embodies the cultures of the illustrious Sahel region and the spirit of femininity, through the design and crafting of elegant, high-quality statement leather handbags.

2. The founder, Fatima Touré, is a Malian woman of the diaspora, who has lived in the United States and Switzerland. NILHANE is a journey seen through her eyes, as she embraces her dynamism and vulnerability, and salutes the grace and resilience of women everywhere.

©Oman Seth Ahouansou

3. NILHANE’s products are designed in Mali, using direct inspiration from cultural edifices and fashion pieces such as jewelry and fabrics, and handcrafted in Spain using sumptuous, sustainable leather and precision craftsmanship.

4. NILHANE’s values are rooted in the empowerment of women, the celebration of West African heritage on the world stage, and the respect of leather craftsmanship.


5. The first collection is entitled "Coumba". Its design is directly inspired by the Fulani "kwottone" earring, which is made from twisted brass, silver or gold.

©Oman Seth Ahouansou

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