Artist's Portrait... Zoom on Omar Victor Diop

Exchange, history, heritage and modernity are at the heart of his approach.

Zoom on... Omar Victor Diop

Omar Victor Diop on Kelen, African Art event manager
Soif, le Futur du beau

Omar Victor Diop is a Senegalese artist who uses photography, styling and scenography to translate the History, modernity of African societies and their lifestyles.

He has been revealed to the general public in 2011 during the "Bamako Meetings" (Les Rencontres de Bamako), with his first series entitled "Futur du beau". Omar Victor Diop distords consumer goods and waste in order to dress his models while questioning the standards of beauty and elegance.

Série "Futur du beau"

Following that, everything goes very quickly. This portrait artist knows a great success internationally. He participated at the Biennale of Dakar, the Rencontres d'Arles and is represented by the André Magnin gallery. Since then, he has become the idol of international collectors.

His work

Le Studio des Vanités

I discovered this artist through his series "Studio des Vanités". In it, he pays tribute to the great African portrait artists.

Originally from Dakar, urban area is his favorite field.

The Studio des Vanités aims at showing the Africa he knows, which is a cosmopolitan society, buzzing with dynamic people and turned to the world.

Omar Victor Diop pays particular attention to the scenography and does not hesitate to put himself on a performance in some of his series.

Textiles and especially patterns and colors are important in his works. The choice is far from being trivial. Indeed, he thinks that through textiles, the choice of geometric shapes but also the origin of textiles, there is a way to tell a context and to suggest things in relation with the person he photographs.

Adama Ndiaye, Designer and Fashionentrepreneur, Studio des Vanités


In 2014, he presented "Diaspora", a new series of twelve photos as part of the most prestigious photography fair in the world, Paris Photo, at the Grand Palais.

He stages himself by embodying famous or forgotten figures from the African diaspora from the 15th to the 19th century, a period when the only forms of interaction between Europe and Africa seemed to consist of slavery and colonization only.

The idea of this series is to show that art can emphasize the bonds between peoples. The kind of links that should be used to get closer to each other.

"Diaspora" series


After the "Diaspora" characters, he decided to focus on the milestones of the History, particularly in revisiting the Black Protest.

His intention in this series called Liberty and to show the beauty that there is in the union for a cause.

"Liberty"’s tone is not one of lament, but rather one of remembrance, solemnity and the celebration of a quest for freedom.

"Liberty" series

Saison Africa 2020

He also worked on the “Africa 2020 Season” campaign with the desire to contribute to represent “The Africas” in an authentic way but with a touch of nerve and a a bit of humor.

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