Artists' portrait: 5 angles to better know Fally Sene Sow...

1. The Colobane district, the starting point of his work

Fally Sene sow was born in 1989 and grew up in the popular Colobane district in the southwest of Dakar, the capital of Senegal. A must-see in this district, the market is one of the oldest in the city. “Everything” is sold there in a sound atmosphere punctuated by music, the noises of cars, and calls from merchants.

This informal place is therefore a source of inspiration by its colors and this permanent bustle.

2. Between images and writings

Self-taught artist, Fally Sene Sow has been fascinated by drawing and writing from a young age. He sometimes uses the description of his favorite neighborhood, Colobane, through writings, or through a pictorial representation, when that seems more eloquent to him.

3. The importance of objects

Its neighborhood and in particular the market is full of objects of all kinds, often used and thrown away. he detects in each of them a recyclable form which may involve into teaching and even a plastic experiment to be attempted. He likes, observing, touching, cutting, bringing these objects back to life

"My work was influenced by a question I often asked myself: I wondered why continue to paint when I saw his objects disintegrated…. And by being an artist, any event, object, action becomes worthy of being a pictorial subject."

4. An original technique

The transformed and painted objects are then put back on stage on a glass support. He thus reinvents the famous technique of painting under glass.

5. The pandemic made him write on this unique contexte

To keep the author/creator message not altered, and without a proper and official version, we will share with you the original thoughts he shared with us in french. « Un virus vagabond erre de ville en ville vidant les rues. Il est venu envahir le monde avec virulence; Covid 19, son nom si mystérieux amène ce monde à son point d’interrogation et d’introspection. Le calme des temps de confinement nous oblige à revoir notre façon de vivre sur terre. Cas, couvre-feu, confinement, chloroquine, covid... Combien de questions nous posons-nous chaque jour ? Le calme de ces temps nous contraint d’avoir de la créativité dans nos maisons ou d’être encore plus regardants sur l’hygiène. Lavons-nous les mains, mais aussi le cœur et l’esprit. Nous vivons un enfer d’incertitude mais sur le feu de la forge, ce climat vient nous forger... »


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