Artists' portrait...Women's History Month by the young and talented illustrator Amy Diack

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Amy Diack , a Character Designer and Illustrator currently finishing a bachelor’s degree in computer animation from Miami International University of Arts and Design. Originally from Senegal, I am a panafrican who grew up South Africa, Burundi and Kenya.

How do you describe your art? How do you work?

I draw designs of African characters in different genres such as Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and slice of life. I mostly draw on my iPad with Procreate. I draw more than 10 hours a day with break times. When I am not using my iPad, I draw doodles on my sketchbook.

Aline Sitoe Diatta, a warrior queen who led the resistance against settlers in Casamance

Where do you get your inspiration?

Cartoons and anime are my inspiration. I always loved cartoons. When I was eleven years old, I would always draw my favorite cartoons characters and I started creating my own characters growing up. Anime has variety of stories, my current favorite is SK8 the Infinity.

The place of woman in your art?

My protagonists are always female because young African girls need more role models to inspire them. They can be strong, powerful and resilient. They can be whoever they want to be. For Women’s History Month, I’m drawing a series of portraits of Senegalese women until Women’s Day. These women made a tremendous impact in my country and I wanted to celebrate them into my drawings.

Mariama Ba, Women rights and activist and author of "So Long a Letter"

Check here the article I wrote about this book, one of my favorite books!)

Amy Mbacké Thiam, Senegal’s Champ

In 2001, she became the first Senegalese to qualify for a world championship final and, by winning the 400m final, the first athlete from her country to win a medal.

One of your favorite illustrations? why?

The illustration I drew for Africa Day last year. I love this piece because it shows all of the characters I created throughout my art journey from high school to now. It’s important for me because I want to want to defy African stereotypes shown in the media. Africa can’t always be animals and safaris. I want to represent Africa in a diverse way, in different genres so African kids can see themselves as heroes, wizards, detectives and more.

Africa Day

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Artistically yours.

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