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Today, I will introduce you to a new artist, Abdias Ngateu.

Zoom on... Abdias Ngateu

Abdias Ngateu on Kelen, African art promotion

The work of Abdias Ngateu is driven by the consideration of the Man in African societies. His characters, still half human half animal, are represented in daily life scenes. These characters are often on or beside the main mode of transport of some big African cities: the motorcycle taxi.

Since his adolescence and while still completing his secondary schooling, Cameroonian multimedia artist Abdias Ngateu, became aware of his abiding interest in drawing and graphic arts. At just 14 years of age, he began his formal training in graphic and decorative arts. Two years later, Abdias realized that his art was personally therapeutic as he faced the demands of growing up and becoming a part of adult society.

Hungry for knowledge, he participated in artists' workshops, various training programs and artistic residencies.

He works and lives in Douala (Cameroun).

I like this quirky, surprising and unexpected side of these paintings.

Abdias Ngateu is currently exhibiting at the Out of Africa Gallery based in Barcelona, until November, 25 2018.

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