Artists' portrait... Zoom on Fabrice Monteiro

Today, I will introduce you to Fabrice Monteiro, French-Benin photographer.

Zoom on... Fabrice Monteiro

Fabrice Monteiro on Kelen, African art promotion

Fabrice Monteiro is a French - Benin photographer based in Dakar.

I discovered his works a few months ago through his series of photos “Signares”. I loved the pictures of these African women with strong presence. The series “Signares” is a tribute to the legendary beauty of these women, considered as haughty and inaccessible. They made the high society of Saint-Louis and Gorée until the mid-nineteenth century in Senegal.

The word “signare” is a distortion of the Portuguese word “senhora”, which means “lady”. In the fifteenth century, this word referred to African women, mainly Wolofs and Lebous, who lived in concubinage with white men. A woman became a “Signare” as soon as she married a white man. There were mixed-raced and black Signares. It was a descriptive term of rank, not of color. They were sensual “femme fatale”, and incredible businesswomen.

His series of photos “Prophecy” is also impressive. it is colorful, insightful, very beautiful and awakens the collective consciousness.

Fabrice Monteiro has selected environmental issues likely to affect the country in the coming years in order to raise awareness of the local population and promises a terrible prophecy to Senegalese if their habits do not change.

The result is incredible, from the treatment of waste to water pollution and floods.

You can discover the making off the shooting of the series “Prophecy” in this video:

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