Artists' portrait... Zoom on John Goba

Today, I will introduce you to another sculptor, this time from Sierra Leone, John Goba.

Zoom on... John Goba

John Goba on Kelen, African art promotion

John Goba, born in 1944 in Sierra Leone, showcases surprising artworks.

His sculptures, made of wood and colored with industrial paintings, take their inspiration from traditional know-how, from secrets and tales from different ethnic groups. However, he takes some liberty towards traditions and creates sculptures resulting from a wise mix of his fantastic imagination and figures borrowed to traditional "stories".

A multitude of porcupine thorns hammered on the main characters ensure their protection and "forbide" access to the "heart" of the sculpture. Each artworks illustrates "stories" for which only Goba knows the answers.

John Goba on Kelen, African art promotion

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