Artists' portrait... Zoom on Laeila Adjovi, committed photographer

Fourth portrait of my series dedicated to committed photographers. Today, I will introduce you to Laeila Adjovi.

Zoom on... Laeila Adjovi

Laeila Adjovi on Kelen, African art promotion
Laeila Adjovi, Série De si longues nuits

Franco-benin, Laeïla Adjovi was raised in several African countries. At the age of 20, during an internship in New-Delhi in an Indian NGO, she starts her path as a photographer. She, then, is initiated into analog photography and laboratory technics.

In 2006, a diploma of politic sciences and another of journalism in the pocket, she works in the press sector in Paris, then in the Pacific region, in New Caledonia. There, she starts working for the press and then for television and launches a photographic project dedicated to precarious habitations zones, also called "squats".

Supporter of a documentary photography which would create a link between the different social classes, between cultures and between worlds, she also develops an artistic approach mixing painting, drawing and manipulation in dark room. Always between two medium, it is for a radio project in Senegal that she comes back on the African continent to settle.

Reporter, photojournalist, plastic artist, she has been living and working in Dakar since 2010.

It's her documentary work "De si longues nuits" which touched and moved me. She explores, subtlely, the absence, missing and the wait of migrant women who stayed in their countries.

Discover all Laeïla Adjovi's works on her website.

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