Artists' portrait... Zoom on Malyka Diagana Linguereart, committed photographer

Third portrait of my series dedicated to committed photographers. Here is Malyka Diagana Linguereart.

Zoom on... Malyka Diagana Linguereart

"To photograph is, to me, to write in black and white. Black and white, it is the duality inside us."

Malyka Diagana Linguereart on Kelen, African art promotion

Born in Mauritania, Malyka Diagana claims her multicultural heritage. Her mother, from Cape Verde, is a writer and her father, soninké, is a lawyer.

Graphic designer and photographer, Malyka gives a big priority to the mixing of creations. Frequenting plastic artists, movie or video directors, actors, she becomes richer with them and remains constantly awake to what still sleeps inside her. Photography is for her a way to give her point of view, to tell a multitude of stories, to share with others and it is also an archiving duty so that future generations can have a testimony from past times.

Here is a selection of my favorite pictures from Malyka:

Discover all Malyka Diagana Linguereart on her website.

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