Artists' portrait... Zoom on Mary Sibande

Let's discover Mary Sibande, South African sculptor whose works made a big impression on me.

Zoom on... Mary Sibande

Mary Sibande on Kelen, African art promotion

She is a South African sculptor based in Johannesburg and was born in the early 80s. Mary Sibande focuses her work on social, racial and gender issues.

The heroine of her works is a servant called Sophie.

Mary Sibande uses this character as a kind of alter-ego that she puts in large installations or photographs. Through the character of Sophie, she seems to tell the life of black women in his country and uses their dreams, their claims and their fears to feed his speech.

Her character gives off strength and power but at the same time looks so sad in her hybrid suit at the cross between the traditional uniform of maid and the Victorian princess dress. Like a kind of black cinderella, the girl seems to think of a better life, away from this anonymity and household chores.

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