Artists' portrait... Zoom on Ousmane Sow

Dernière mise à jour : 29 janv. 2019

This week, I introduce you to Ousmane Sow, a Senegalese artist.

Zoom on... Ousmane Sow

Ousmane Sow on Kelen, African art promotion
Ousmane Sow's artworks

During my last stay in Dakar, I had the chance to visit the house of Ousmane Sow, the famous sculptor who died on December 1st, 2016.

I discovered his colossal works in 1999 when it was exhibited on the Pont des Arts in Paris. The African series and the “Little Big Horn Battle” series were on show, attracting almost three million visitors.

At that time I have been impressed by these monumental statues but knowing neither the meaning nor the history of the works, I had not perceived their power.

The guided tour done by her daughter Marina Sow and the discovery of the place where he lived and worked gives another dimension to this great artist and his gigantic sculptures.

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