Discover Seydou Traoré: a promising young artist from Mali.

1- Can you briefly tell us about your background?

My name is Seydou Traoré, I am a Malian visual artist and above all an art enthusiast since my childhood. After obtaining my Diploma of Fundamental Studies (DEF), I decided to continue my studies at the National Institute of Arts (INA). Subsequently, I obtained a Master 2 in Plastic Arts in 2017.

I am one of the founders of the Tim’Art collective in which we organize workshops and solo/collective exhibitions, with the main objective of participating in the popularization of visual arts within Malian society.

2- How was your artistic vocation born?

As I said earlier, I have always been passionate about art. When I was younger, I regularly frequented the Museum and artistic galleries and that made me want to one day be among the exhibitors, in these same art galleries, but this time on the side of the artists. Plus, I was among the best in my class at drawing, and I never stopped believing in it...

It is therefore quite natural that I embraced this profession of painter and that over the years I have been able to distinguish myself by bringing a different touch from what I had liked to contemplate when I was still only 'an "aspiring painter".

3- Tell us about your working techniques.

I mainly work with acrylic. I start my paintings by putting acrylic on the entire surface of the canvas intended to receive the work. After the preparation phase, it's time to create the painting. At this point, I choose a few sketches to transfer them to the canvas. I also sometimes do works directly without going through sketches.

Compared to the application of the paint, I naturally start with the background then I layer the elements that are closer and so on.

Following my many experiences and training, I now use a new mixed technique which consists of cutting fabrics (jeans) and collage on canvas. This approach has allowed me to make a lot of innovations.

4- What are your inspirations?

I take a lot of inspiration from nature and everyday life in my country, but also from everything that is happening around the world.

I observe society and through my works, I denounce harmful acts that make us regress in life. I aspire that my paintings speak, touch, disturb or soothe, when they are exposed to the public. But let them not be indifferent to what is thus proposed to them, but on the contrary that they enter into communion with the work at the most accessible level possible.

Au pilon

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