Fadidi: the Serer culture in the spotlight

Fadidi is an exhibition by Marie Madeleine Diouf, also known as "Nunu", creator of the brand "Nunu Design by Dk". Fadidi, which means "Welcome", is an invitation to discover the Serer world during the independences times.

The Serer people constitute in number the third ethnic group of Senegal, after the Wolofs and the Peuls. Some Serer groups are also present in Gambia and Mauritania. The Serer people are one of the oldest populations in Senegambia.

Roger DaSilva sur Kelen, African Art event manager

Through black and white photos and textiles, Nunu recreates decors from the 40s and the 60s that express the richness and elegance of the Serer culture.

The photographs are the result of a collection she has been working on for over ten years with her family living in Joal-Fadiouth. As for textiles, the indigo, the most common textile in Nunu's creations, is really enhanced in the exhibition space.

I liked this exhibition for several reasons.

  • First, I loved the concept of reconstructing scenes from the daily life.

  • We walked in the space, for my part with a touch of nostalgia, discovering a charcoal iron, a canary or a transistor that reminded me of my holidays in Bamako during my childhood.

I really appreciated Nunu's commitment and willingness to share and to explain a part of the Serer tradition through her family history and her journey.

It is also a duty of memory for her to tell this story, so her presence during the visit is thus very valuable.

This exhibition is part of the process of preserving and promoting African culture, which is so dear to me.

Personally, I obviously knew the Serer ethnic group but not particularly its culture. I wanted to know more about them and more generally about the wealth and the multitude of ethnic groups on the continent.

Alongside with this event, various events were organized: workshops to discover or to try indigo dyeing techniques, dinner-concert, film screening, reflection panels, pop up store and so on.

Once again a big thank you to Nunu and curator Wagane Diouf for this wonderful exhibition and especially to Nunu for her availability.

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