Kelen's first steps... Promoting African art: from dream to reality.

To leave Paris, my family, my work and my friends was not an easy decision. This was not the first time I had to move abroad, but it was another time: I was still single and had no children.

Upon arrival in Istanbul, and after a few weeks of questioning and doubts, I decided to take advantage of this period of my life, to see it as an opportunity opportunity and to go for it! Two years later, I have to say that this expatriation allowed me to grow both professionally and personally especially  because entrepreneurship had never been an option for me before.

The start of the Tropical Pop Up store

One of the rewards that I get from this new life is the incredible encounters that I have the chance to make: within just a few days, I will welcome you at a pop up store with a Mexican girlfriend in the office of the French-speaking newspaper "Aujourd’hui la Turquie " !

The founder of this newspaper, Hüseyin Latir, is a political scientist, writer and journalist, and also a Doctor in international relations at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University. His vision and understanding of the situation in Turkey is truly enlightening.

Newspaper Editor Hüseyin Latif will mark this event by convert his his office space into a pop up store, thus putting creativity of Africa and Latin America at the heart of Moda!

  It will be a beautiful combination of Latin America Creation and and Africa’s expertise on the other hand in the heart of Moda! 

This is a perfect illustration of what expatriation means to me: an enriching experience, an opening to the rest of the world, a constant cultural exchange between different countries and the ability to reinvent oneself! 

Details of the event

Artistically yours,