Mariane Ibrahim has joined a growing number of gallerists expanding to Paris

Mariane Ibrahim. © Fabrice Gousset

The Franco-Somali gallery owner Mariane Ibrahim opened a 400 m2 space on avenue Matignon last September, which recently resumed its role as a must-see artistic address in Paris. Her ambition is to offer high visibility to the emerging scene, while promoting the creations and voices of artists from minorities, in particular from the African diaspora.

Mariane Ibrahim started her activity in the art trade ten years ago in Seattle then in Chicago, a city more marked from an identity, cultural, institutional and artistic standpoint. She therefore mainly represents African artists or the African diaspora in a broad sense. "This corresponds to a personal quest" explains the gallerist, born in New Caledonia, and raised in Somalia and then in France.

"Whether they are African, Haitian or African-American what interests me is the particular artistic vision that they claim in their work."

With this new Parisian gallery, Mariane Ibrahim is keen to forge strong links between the American and European artistic scenes, thus allowing collectors to establish a more intimate dialogue with the artists of the gallery.

The inaugural exhibition is "J'ai deux amours" (I have two loves) which title pays homage to Josephine Baker's iconic song. Coincidentally, the Presidency of the Republic had announced shortly before that the same Josephine Baker, resistant and anti-racist activist, would enter the Pantheon in November 2021.

This exhibition is “a hymn to love and connectedness, which emphasizes what is invaluable in diverse cultural backgrounds, especially within the current context of rising cultural resistance and the effects of recent health crisis”.

Shannon T. Lewis, Protective Colouration Wherever It Might Be Found, 2021. Courtesy of Mariane Ibrahim

All the artists of the American gallery are exhibited there, in particular on of the plastic artists we talked about on the blog: Amoako Boafo.

Find the exhibition "J'ai deux amours", until October 13, 2021

at the Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, 18 rue Matignon 75008 - Paris


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