Moseka Yogo Ambake : 5 things to know about the artist painter.

1- From Kinshasa to Brussels

Moseka Yogo Ambake, Lady Mosky, is a Belgian painter from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), born on August 29, 1956 in Kinshasa (former Zaire) and deceased on May 6, 2019 in Brussels.

Femme aux piments

2- A multidisciplinary artist

Moseka Yogo Ambake has painted in oils, gouache, and watercolor, and also has an abundant production of ceramic works. Her creations have often been associated with surreal

ism, expressionism, or even naive art, and throughout her career the painter drew her inspiration from what she called the “theater of life”.

3- Women in his work

At the center of these works are African women whose strength, beauty and power dazzled her. Beyond representing these women for themselves, she was keen to discuss their relationship to men, to wildlife, to "African authenticity", and more broadly to the world.

Femme à la coiffe

4- Her inspirations

For Moseka, a painter is someone who perseveres, who constantly seeks to discover new techniques and new subjects through which he can express himself differently.

She marvels at each new discovery and never stops observing the world, her subjects and colors, to retransmits them with audacity and originality.

5- Many exhibitions

Moseka Yogo Ambake has exhibited her artworks in many museums, including the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg (Germany), Gallery 198 in London (UK), Skoto Gallery in New York (USA) and, the Royal African Museum Headquarters in Brussels (Belgium). Moseka Yogo Ambake exposed in many museums, including the Hamburg Ethnology Museum (Germany), Gallery 198 in London (UK), the Skoto Gallery in New York (USA) and, the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Brussels (Belgium).

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