Seydou Traoré : 4 questions, 1 canvas.

La tisserande

1 - Why did you choose this canvas?

In this work, I try to show the importance of women at home and in everyday life. Many of us think that a woman at home is a woman who does not work. We believe that work is limited to going to the office every day, within a certain period of time and with days off...

Conversely, the work of our women at home has no limits, no rest and no holidays. It means going to the market, cooking, taking care of the children, ensuring their education, managing internal family conflicts, having time for yourself while taking care of your husband.

Not to mention that beyond all this, some women also have to manage their informal businesses such as selling juice or selling peanuts.

2 - What inspired you for the creation of this painting?

As with many of my works dedicated to women, it is their daily life that inspired me to create this painting, especially one woman in particular: my grandmother.

She was also a weaver and it is in a way in homage to this brave lady and all those who perpetuate this artisanal heritage, that I wanted to bring color to this noble profession.

"I also chose this work because it reminds me of my grandmother who was a weaver. "

3 - What paint / technique did you use?

"The Weaver" is a painting made in acrylic on canvas, with dimensions 100cm x 95cm. From the idea, through the first sketches and then the actual design, it took me a week of work to achieve this canvas.

4 - Why these colors?

The work of weaving requires a lot of patience, energy and dexterity. So I chose to use a majority of warm colors.

I find that they bring out a range of different sensations, and allow us to better highlight the power and strength of these women.

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