The Art of wearing jewelry: what jewelry says about our personality...

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As you have probably noticed, I love jewels: gold, silver, fantasy, I adore them! This fashion accessory is for me a must have and this whatever the occasion.

What jewelry says about us...

Jewels, whether precious or fancy, say something about us. They may be the sign of a religion, of an ethnic origin or of a community belonging. But in a way they also tell us about our social status and if we are married or not.

For me, my jewelry is part of my personal story such as the jewelry my parents offered me at key stages of my life or the ones from my aunts as a wedding gift. They have a very strong emotional value to me.

The pieces of jewelry I wear show my tastes and moods. They allow  me to put a final touch to my outfit and, above all, I consider them as a symbol of elegance and femininity!

Bracelets in wax

A tale about traditions...

I love to mix and match my jewelry: cheap and chic, to combine different styles with ethnic touches.

African jewelry are often called ethnic jewelry for the simple reason that it represented and still represents the characteristics and symbols of each ethnic group.

Collier par Madina Sarr

Apart from its aesthetic side, jewellery has always existed in African civilization whatever the country and ethnicity. Jewellery sometimes informs on the social status. It was also used for bartering, or as a bridge between peoples through commercial ties. Jewellery also acts or as a rosary used in many religions. The meaning of the colors also played an important role. Milk white represented fertility, blood red embodied vitality. The blue of the sky and the black of the storm referred to the deities.

The materials used did not need to be fine ones. People took everything that came to hand, such as precious or semi-precious stones, metal, feathers, ebony or other wood species.

Ethnic jewelry in our today world…

Currently, the African jewelry artisanal art is witnessing the birth of a new generation of contemporary creators, whether in the field of fashion or sustainable development. And it's not to displease me!

Jewelry by Mickael Kra

Ethnic jewelry gives an extra touch to our outfits. They mix very well with simple outfits, and plain and neutral tones. Their complexity as well as their refinement are enough to highlight any look.

I am very sensitive to the fact that these pieces of jewelry are handmade only by women, with local materials as pearls, glass paste, bronze, leather, ebony, wax, stone...

Relying on a know-how traditional and local materials to make modern jewelry is a principle that I completely support and that represents a form of commitment. 

Artistically yours,


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