“The search for forgiveness” by Raymond Yves Kono : the artwork in 4 points.

Among the 15 works that the Cameroonian artist Raymond Yves Kono was kind enough to entrust to Art Kelen, we asked him which one he would like to present to us personally. His choice fell on “The search for forgiveness”, a 150x130 cm acrylic painting produced in 2021.

Here are 4 questions that we asked the creator of this canvas, which is still available for sale at a price of 1500 €.

1- Why did you choose to present us this work?

The theme of Pardon is a very important subject to me. It means and represents a lot to the man that I am, and naturally the artist within me had to take hold of it, like everything with which I interact on a daily basis. I felt the need to approach this theme and once ready, I started the creation process.

2- Tell us more about this canvas

We see two characters in a position of remission ... of sins. What did they do? Who is their request for? It seems like the spectator's gaze is the one they face and therefore this forgiveness is addressed to him. While waiting for this absolution, our two "Ntshi-Ntshim" keep hope, symbolized here by the presence of blue, the dominant secondary color, a sign of a blue sky or sea on the entire horizon. To this are added flowers, representing the beauty of the days to come and the new beginning marked by the obtaining of the forgiveness so hoped for. Basically, a better future for them, a Hope for Humanity.

3- Why did you choose these colors?

I believe in the symbolic power of colors. This is why I make sure to always select palettes that perfectly reflect my intention but also the message conveyed by the work. So here I made the choice to work with orange-red to signify life or the blood flowing in our veins, whether we are white, black, mixed race etc ... Then there are the blue and green, referring to nature but also to hope, as if to create in advance this peaceful atmosphere, sought after in the request for Pardon ...

4- How long for the realization of this painting?

Usually it takes me a week to make a painting. But “The Search for Forgiveness” took a little longer than usual: 2 weeks to be exact.

Sometimes I go up to 3 months to finalize a work. This can vary depending on the theme, the scene I want to represent, the size of the work and my relationship with the subject, so that it stimulates my creativity more or less quickly. Of course, there are plenty of other factors that are sometimes beyond my control. But for the most part, here are the points that come into play when I have to work on a particular painting.

Raymond Yves Kono in front of

another of his works: "Ndjoka".


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