Tidiane Ndongo: 5 questions for 1 canvas.

Sabre no made - Tidiane Ndongo

1 - Why did you choose this canvas?

This canvas represents almost my everything: my work and my thought.

It illustrates the content and continuous debate, the silence of passion, the strength of speech against the strength of voice, argument, literature and religion, knowledge and humor.

2 - What inspired you for the realization of this painting?

The idea for this painting came to me through the events that my country (and Africa in general) has been going through since I became "aware".

The various political crises accentuated recently by terrorism partly feed my work.

3- Describe your work to us...

More or less recognizable heads are represented, therefore more or less precise ideas and more or less true words. We also recognize a slate also called Koranic tablet, symbol of studies and learning to write. A writing which is nothing other than an eternal erasure, because evolution obliges you to adapt as you go.

We see a folded saber which forms a whirlwind. Which is an invitation to maturity. And finally, we find a fish that sticks its head out of the water with a big eye. Which is an invitation to get out of the routine, to be curious and above all to observe yourself well.

The writing in Arabic on the canvas means: "you are all from Adam", therefore all equal. It is a nod to sacred literature.

Stars are also apparent.

4 - What technique did you use?

This series is made from bogolan, consisting of a decoction of leaves and clay on cotton.

5 - What is the time of realization for this canvas? Is it still available?

This canvas was made in 2 weeks and yes it is still available!

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