Tidiane Ndongo's Chinese portrait.


Although we have already written several articles on Tidiane Ndongo, we had to approach the painter from another angle, to discover more of his facets.

Of course, the Chinese portrait is a less formal process but just as revealing of the tastes, aspirations and even the personality of the artist.

1- If you were a work of art?

I would be Makoungoba, a statue and idol from the Bambara culture.

2- If you were a color?

I would choose green.

3- If you were a museum?

It would be the Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac museum.

4- If you were a monument?

I would be a star surrounded by stars.

5- If you were a place?

It would be a field.

6- If you were a word?

I would be the word "Nani" which denotes "tenderness" and at the same time means 4 as the 4 elements/cardinal points.

7- If you were a historical figure?

I would be a black man of influence, eloquence and wisdom: Nelson Mandela aka "Madiba".

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