Zoom on a book: "So long a letter" by Mariama Bâ, Senegalese writer

Dernière mise à jour : 28 sept. 2018

If I remember well, I think I discovered this book about fifteen years ago and I read it regularly. This novel is a classic of African literature and especially of the Senegalese one.

Here is a short synopsis of the book "So long a letter" for you...

So long a letter, by Mariama Ba on Kelen, African art promotion

After the death of her husband, Ramatoulaye wrote to Aissatou, her best friend to tell her about the funerals. She ends up plunging back into her memories and goes back to the significant events of their respective lives she describes along the pages.

This letter will then become a peaceful weapon that will be used by the author, Mariama Bâ, to denounce the condition of women in Senegal, crushed by the weight of patriarchy, traditions, religions or even modernism.

What I liked is the atmosphere of this book: soft despite the hardness of the topics discussed. The heroine’s lucid look at her life, her strength and determination really touched and moved me.

A book I warmly advice you to read!

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